Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Starting to blog again, I think. At least to record my thoughts and S and A's experience in the new country.

S and A started school yesterday. Both HD and I were so worried about S's middle school entry so late in his life (he's 12 btw) and not so worried about A (she's 9, but I know she can handle any shit without batting an eyelid). 

The topmost worry was how S will eat in the paltry excuse of a lunch period which was 21 minutes. They both were mighty hungry during the lunch break and finished eating in ten minutes. Do you even know how many mouthfuls they take at home in ten minutes? Nil, zilch, nada. That's my kids for you, all cheating ingrates I tell you.

They both came home pretty excited and we breathed a huge sigh of relief. 

S is most impressed with his Language Arts where the theme is going to be Harry Potter for this year. I'm liking how the system integrates several things - literature, the need to read, the need to process what you read and use it in your class etc. He loves STEM which I knew he'd love (which science geek hasn't?).

On our way back, three girls walked past us from the opp direction, said hi to S. lol

A dresses herself from this year, unlike last year when I had to do her hair, pull up her pinafore and button it and get her socks and shoes and the other crap that goes with the uniform. Despite doing all this, she still used to look like she didn't bath. Now it is better.

After deciding what to wear and checking with me (yay, at least she still needs my opinion), she asks me if she looks cute. lol

All in all, I am looking forward to the stint here and get mighty entertained.

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